Congratulations to all our Winners

Oran Park Podium
28th October, 2017


Grand Champion Sarc. ‘Speckles’ x Bunyip ‘Forest Fruit’ Don Roberts
Reserve Champion Cym. Canaliculatum x sib var. Clover Clover Bradley
Champion Sarcanthanae Sarc. Hartmannii Red Snow x Roberta Don Roberts
Champion Sarcanthanae Hybrid Sarc. Sweethart x Bunyip Don Roberts
Champion Other Orchid Cymbidium Canaliculatum Clover Bradley
Champion Specimen Orchid Cymbidium Canaliculatum Clover Bradley


Congratulations to all who participated in our show and special congratulations  to
Don and Clover for capturing all of the Champions between them.

1 Best Sarcochilus hartmannii Hartmannii Red Snow Roberta Don Roberts
Hartmannii Roberta x Red Snow Don Roberts
2 Best Sarcochilus  fitzgeraldii Fitzgerald Loraine x self Clover Bradley
Fitzgerald Greg Steenbeeke
3 Best Sarcochilus species other Olivaceous Wal & Margaret Southwell
Falcatus Greg Steenbeeke
4 Best other Sarcanthinae species Plectoriza Tridentata Terry Cooke
5 Sarcanthinae Hybrid (Pink) S. Sweetheart Speckles x Bunyip etc Don Roberts
Bunyip x Sweetheart Clover Bradley
6 Sarcanthinae Hybrid  (Reds) Orange Glow ‘Longspike’ x Yvetta etc Clover Bradley
Zoe x Elegance Clover Bradley
7 Sarcanthinae Hybrid (white/red centre) Sweethart Clover Bradley
George Colthup Cool Arod x hartmannii ‘Baby BS’ Clover Bradley
8 Sarcanthinae Hybrid (white/yellow centre) Fizzy Dove ‘Peachy’ x Cliona ‘yellow’ Don Roberts
Madge ‘Sunnyside up’ x Roberta Nuggets Clover Bradley
9 Sarcanthinae Hybrid Any Other Colour Galaxy ‘Twinkle’ (Misty x hartmannii) Don Roberts
DUNO Nicks Twin ‘VooDoo’ x Orange Glow ‘Flames’ Don Roberts
10 Sarcanthinae First Flowering Ignia Ian Lawson
Serenade Ian Lawson
11 Sarcanthinae Species Seedling Hartmannii ‘Alba’ x ‘Dolans Bay’ Clover Bradley
12 Sarcanthinae Hybrid Rumbil x Australis Clover Bradley
Elise ‘Plum’ x Prch’s Cherub Clover Bradley
13 Sarcanthinae Seedling (1st flowering) Plec. Kilga Clover Bradley
Plect. Orkology Trimaran Greg Steenbeeke
14 Dendrobium Species (not dockrillia) Lichenastrum Ross Morrison
Lichenastrum var. Prenticei Terry Cooke
15 Dendrobium Hybrid (not dockrillia) Den. Pintery Ross Morrison
Den. Wasly Greg Steenbeeke
16 Dockrillia Species nil
17 Dockrillia  Hybrid Wavealy x Racemosa Ross Morrison
18 Australian Species Other Cym. Canaliculatum x sib. var Clover Clover Bradley
Cym. Maddidum Wal &  Margaret Southwell
19 Australian Hybrid Other nil
20 Evergreen Terrestrial Phaius Australis Terry Cooke
Phaius Australis Ross Morrison
21 Other Terrestrial  (Species/Hybrid) Microtis Parviflora Wal &  Margaret Southwell
Diuris Punctata Wal &  Margaret Southwell
22 Australasian Species Phaius Flavus Ross Morrison
23 Australasian Hybrids nil
24 Junior Exhibit nil
25 Novelty Orchid Cym. Pee Wee Don Roberts
Cym. Pee Wee ‘Lime Creek’ Ian Lawson