SATURDAY 27 October 2018



AWARD Plant Grower
Grand Champion of Show Sanctuary Greg Steenbeeke
Reserve Champion of Show Diuris parvipetala Greg Steenbeeke
Champion Sarcanthanae Species Roberta x Red Snow Don Roberts
Champion Sarcanthanae Hybrid Sanctuary Greg Steenbeeke
Champion Sarcanthanae Seedling Dove ‘Good’ x Edith ‘Measles’ Noel Bates
Champion Specimen Orchid Sarcochilus Magic Clover Bradley
Champion Orchid Other Diuris parvipetala Greg Steenbeeke



SECTION Pos Plant Grower
1.                    Sarcochilus hartmannii 1st Roberta x Red Snow Don Roberts
  2nd Sylvan Sun Clover Bradley
2. Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii 1st (no clonal name) Clover Bradley
3. Sarcochilus Other Species 1st Sarcochilus olivaceus Ross Morrison
  2nd Sarcochilus falcatus Trish Peterson
4. Sarcanthinae Other Species   NIL ENTRIES  
5. Sarcanthinae Hybrid 1st Plectochilus Richard Jost Trish Peterson
  2nd Plectochilus Richard Jost Greg Steenbeeke
6. Sarcanthinae First Flowering Seedling 1st Plectochilus Orkology Trimaran Greg Steenbeeke
  2nd Plectochilus Orkology Trimaran Greg Steenbeeke
7. Sarcochilus Species – First Flowering Seedling 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii – Red Snow Ross Morrison
8. Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink or Similar 1st Kulnura Absolute Don Roberts
  2nd (no clonal name) Tony and Carol Asquith
9. Sarcochilus Hybrid – Red or Similar 1st Ignia Ian Lawson
  2nd Kulnura Berry x Same Chris Patterson
10. Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink / Red Based

mottled, striped, spotted, barred

1st Sanctuary Greg Steenbeeke
  2nd Rosella x Roberta Tony and Carol Asquith
11. Sarcochilus Hybrid – White/Ivory Based mottled, striped, spotted, barred 1st Absolute Clover Bradley
  2nd Fizzy Dove ‘Speckled Pink’ Clover Bradley
12. Sarcochilus Hybrid – White / Ivory

with red centre

1st Fitzhart ‘Rusty Bucket’ Clover Bradley
  2nd Duno Judilly ‘Purity’ Don Roberts
13. Sarcochilus Hybrid – White / Ivory
with yellow  centre
1st Gerroa Ian Lawson
  2nd Gerroa Ian Lawson
14. Sarcochilus Hybrid – Any Other Colour 1st Weinhart x Yvette ‘Wazzy’ Greg Steenbeeke
  2nd Kulnura Kaliedescope Chris Patterson
14a. Sacrochilus Hybrid – Yellow or similar 1st Mystys Twin Marg and Wal Southwell
  2nd Gerroa Clover Bradley
15. Sacrochilus Hybrid
First Flowering Seedling – Red
1st Dove ‘Good’ x Edith ‘Measles’ Noel Bates
  2nd Zoe ‘Crimson’ x Fizzy Dove ‘Kookaburra’ Noel Bates
16. Sacrochilus Hybrid
First Flowering Seedling  – White / Pink
1st Geordi Noel Bates
  2nd Bessie Ian Lawson
17. D Sacrochilus Hybrid
First Flowering Seedling – Any Other Colour
1st Western Surprise Clover Bradley
  2nd Miola Ian Lawson
18. Dendrobium Species – excluding  Dockrillia 1st Dendrobium monophyllum Greg Steenbeeke
  2nd Dendrobium monophyllum Ross Morrison
19. Dendrobium Hybrid – excluding  Dockrillia 1st Graham Hewitt ‘Lollypop’ x Rutherford Starburst ‘Orange’ Marg and Wal Southwell
  2nd Starsheen ‘Botanic Fireworks’ x tetragonum ‘Regal Red Lip’ Marg and Wal Southwell
20. Dockrillia Species 1st Dockrillia caludiformis (PNG) Trish Peterson
  2nd Dockrillia hepatica (PNG) Marg and Wal Southwell
21. Dockrillia Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Oliver Jack (Jiggi ‘best blue’ x striolatum ‘Neville’) Ian Lawson
22. Australian Species Other   NIL ENTRIES  
23. Australian Hybrid Other 1st Cymbidium Kuranda Ian Lawson
24. Evergreen Terrestrial   NIL ENTRIES  
25. Other Terrestrial Species or Hybrid 1st Diuris parvipetala Greg Steenbeeke
  2nd Diuris sulphurea Chris Patterson
26. Australasian Species 1st Phaius flavus Ross Morrison
27. Australasian Hybrid – excluding Dockrillia   NIL ENTRIES  
28. Junior Exhibit   NIL ENTRIES  
29. Novelty – Australasian Parentage 1st Cymbidium Dorothy Stockstill Ian Lawson
  2nd Cymbidium Koala ‘Bear’l Ian Lawson