Saturday  22nd September, 2018
Oran Park Podium

Congratulations to all our winners


Champion Plant Grower/s
Grand Champion of Show Den. schoeninum ‘English’ Ross Morrison
Reserve Champion of Show Dendrobium x delicatum ‘Snow’ Mary-Anne Warner
Champion Native Epiphytic Species Den. schoeninum ‘English’ Ross Morrison
Champion Native Epiphytic Hybrid Dendrobium x delicatum ‘Snow’ Mary-Anne Warner
Champion Australasian Orchid NIL WORTHY
Champion First Flowering Seedling Dendrobium speciosum ‘Nifty’ Ian Lawson
Champion Specimen Orchid Dendrobium gracilicaule Ross Morrison
Champion Terrestrial Orchid Pterostylis pedunculata Ross Morrison
Aub Bruniges Trophy – Champion Speciosum Dendrobium speciosum Kim Hines

Sectional Winners

Class Plant Grower/s
1 Dendrobium speciosum 1st (no clonal name) Kim Hines
2nd ‘Nifty’ Ian Lawson
2 Dendrobium kingianum 1st (no clonal name) Ross Morrison
2nd (no clonal name) Terry Cooke
3 Dendrobium falcorostrum 1st (no clonal name) Ross Morrison
2nd (no clonal name) Terry Cooke
4 Dendrobium gracilicaule 1st ‘Lam’ Greg Steenbeeke
2nd (no clonal name) Ross Morrison
5 Dendrobium tetragonum 1st D. t. var. tetragonum Ross Morrison
2nd D. t. var. giganteum Tony & Carol Asquith
6 Dendrobium Other Species 1st Dendrobium aemulum Ross Morrison
2nd Dendrobium lichenastrum Noel Bates
7 Den section Rhizobium Species 1st Den. schoeninum ‘English’ Ross Morrison
2nd Dendrobium linguiforme Noel Bates
7 Sarcochilus Species 1st Sarcochilus aequalis Ross Morrison
2nd Sarcochilus falcatus Noel Bates
8 Sarcanthinae Species 1st Plectorrhiza tridentata Greg Steenbeeke
2nd Plectorrhiza tridentata Ross Morrison
9 Bulbophyllum Species NIL ENTRIES
10 Other Aust Epiphytic Species NIL ENTRIES
11 Dendrobium Primary Hybrid 1st Den. x delicatum ‘Snow’ Mary-Anne Warner
2nd Den. Bardo Rose ‘Berouh’ Tony & Carol Asquith
12 Dendrocoryne-style Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Zip ‘Imperial’ x Terry Cooke
Reds / Pinks Bardo Rose ‘Lisa’
2nd Dendrobium kingianum ‘Speckles’ x Zip ‘ Jack’ Tony & Carol Asquith
13 Dendrocoryne-style Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Henk van den Berg Peter Brown
2nd Dendrobium Robbie McInnes Tony & Carol Asquith
14 Dendrocoryne-style Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Starlight Mary-Anne Warner
2nd Dendrobium Bigfoot x kingianum ‘Freckles’ Tony & Carol Asquith
15 Dend  Hybrid – Intersectional 1st Dendrobium Elegant Heart Tony & Carol Asquith
2nd Dendrobium Elegant Heart Tony & Carol Asquith
16 Dend section Rhizobium Hybrid 1st Dendrobium x grimesii Ross Morrison
2nd Dendrobium Oliver Jack (Jiggi ‘best blue’ x striolatum ‘Neville’) Ian Lawson
17 Sarcochilus Hybrid 1st Sarcochilus Ozzydil Ross Morrison
2nd Sarcochilus Ozzydil Noel Bates
18 Sarcanthinae Hybrid 1st Plectochilus Kilgra Ross Morrison
19 Caladenia and Related Species 1st Caladenia catenata Peter Brown
20 Pterostylis and Related Species 1st Pterostylis pedunculata Ross Morrison
2nd Pterostylis pedunculata Ross Morrison
21 Diuris and Related Species 1st Diuris alba Terry Cooke
2nd Diuris pardina Greg Steenbeeke
22 Evergreen Terrestrial NIL ENTRIES
23 Other Aust Terrestrial Species 1st Microtis parviflora Greg Steenbeeke
2nd Microtis parviflora Ross Morrison
24 Australian Terrestrial Hybrid 1st Diuris Earwig Terry Cooke
25 Australasian Species NIL ENTRIES
26 Australasian Hybrid NIL ENTRIES
27 Seedling – Species 1st Dendrobium speciosum ‘Nifty’ Ian Lawson
2nd Dendrobium speciosum Tony & Carol Asquith
28 Seedling – Hybrid 1st Dendrobium (Victorian Flare x Lawrose) x kingianum ‘Electric Fluoro’ Greg Steenbeeke
2nd Dendrobium Tyabb Ian Lawson
29 Novelty – Australasian Parentage 1st Dendrobium Aree Big Pink Stripe Mary-Anne Warner
2nd Dendrobium Caesar ‘Striped Lip’ Mary-Anne Warner

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