Saturday 19 September, 2020
Oran Park Podium

Congratulations to all our 2020 Winners


CHAMPIONS Plant Grower
Native Epiphyte Orchid – Species Dockrillia schoenina ‘English’ Ross Morrison
Native Epiphyte Orchid – Hybrid Dendrobium Sarah Jane ‘Belle’ Don Roberts
Australasian Orchid Dockrillia Australian Ginger ‘Rabbit’ Greg Steenbeeke
First Flowering Seedling Dendrobium speciosum var Nifty x NW Ian Lawson
Specimen Orchid Dendrobium Issy’s Pride Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
Terrestrial Orchid Diuris pardina Greg Steenbeeke
Dendrobium speciosum (Aub Bruniges Trophy) Dendrobium speciosum ‘Nifty’ Ian Lawson
Reserve Grand Champion Dockrillia schoenina ‘English’ Ross Morrison
Grand Champion Dendrobium Sarah Jane ‘Belle’ Don Roberts

10 Exhibitors
135 Plants across 27 / 30 Sections

SECTION Pos Plant Grower
Epiphyte Species
1.    Dendrobium speciosum 1st Dendrobium speciosum ‘Nifty’ Ian Lawson
2nd Dendrobium speciosum var curvicaule ‘Tony’s No. 1 x Daylight Moon’ Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2.    Dendrobium kingianum 1st Dendrobium kingianum ‘Potential x Mauve Swamp’ Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2nd Dendrobium kingianum ‘DSI’ Don Roberts
3.   Dendrobium falcorostrum 1st Dendrobium falcorostrum Ian Lawson
  2nd Dendrobium falcorostrum Don Roberts
4.   Dendrobium gracilicaule 1st Dendrobium gracilicaule Terry Cooke
  2nd Dendrobium gracilicaule Don Roberts
5.   Dendrobium tetragonum 1st Dendrobium tetragonum MaryAnne Warner
2nd Dendrobium tetragonum Carol & Tony Asquith
6.   Dendrobium Species other (not rhizobium) 1st Dendrobium jonesii Ross Morrison
2nd Dendrobium aemulum Ross Morrison
7.   Dendrobium Rhizobium Species 1st Dockrillia schoenina ‘English’ Ross Morrison
2nd Dockrillia striolatum Terry Cooke
8.   Sarcochilus Species 1st Sarcochilus falcatus Ross Morrison
2nd Sarcochilus olivaceus Ross Morrison
9.   Sarcanthinae Species 1st Plectorrhiza tridentata Ross Morrison
2nd Plectorrhiza tridentata Greg Steenbeeke
10.    Bulbophyllum Species 1st Bulbophyllum wadsworthii Ross Morrison
2nd Bulbophyllum johnsonii Ross Morrison
11.    Other Australian Species 1st Cymbidium canaliculatum Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
Epiphytic Hybrids
12.    Dendrocoryne Primary Hybrids 1st Dendrobium Andrew Perrsons ‘Joy’ Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2nd Dendrobium Our Native Carol & Tony Asquith
13.    Dendrocoryne Hybrids – Reds / Pinks 1st Dendrobium Issy’s Pride Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2nd Dendrobium Esme Poulton Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
14.    Dendrocoyne Hybrids – Yellows / Oranges 1st Dendrobium Sarah Jane x speciosum Don Roberts
2nd Dendrobium Sunglow x Tweedie ‘Cream Delight’ x Dendrobium Yondi Tina ‘Goliath’ Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
15.    Dendrocoryne Hybrids – Whites / Creams 1st Dendrobium Wonga x Bardo Rose Don Roberts
2nd Dendrobium Delicatum (HCC) Sid Burton Terry Cooke
16.    Dendrocoyne Hybrids – Intersectional 1st Dendrobium Sarah Jane ‘Belle’ Don Roberts
2nd Dendrobium ‘Unknown’ Carol & Tony Asquith
17.    Rhizobium Hybrids 1st Dockrillia Australian Ginger ‘Rabbit’ Greg Steenbeeke
2nd Dockrillia Tweetas ‘Purple Lips’ Greg Steenbeeke
18.    Sarcochilus Hybrid 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii x dilatatus Don Roberts
2nd Sarcochilus Melba ‘Denis’ Ian Lawson
19.    Sarcanthinae Hybrid 1st Plectochilus Kilgra Ross Morrison
2nd Plectochilus Kilgra Robert Moon
Terrestrial Orchids
20.    Caladenia Species 1st Caladenia fuscata Ross Morrison
21.    Pterostylis Species 1st Pterostylis baptisti Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2nd Pterostylis pedunculata Ross Morrison
22.    Diuris Species 1st Diuris pardina Greg Steenbeeke
2nd Diuris sulphurea Greg Steenbeeke
23.    Evergreen Species
24.    Terrestrial Species Other 1st Chiloglottis traoeziformis Ross Morrison
25.    Terrestrial Hybrid 1st Caladenia latifolia x Spider Ross Morrison
2nd Chiloglottis x Pescotrona Marg & Wal Southwell
Other Orchid Sections
26.    Australasian Species
27.    Australasian Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Megan Neifert Marg & Wal Southwell
28.    Species Seedling 1st Dendrobium speciosum var Nifty x National White Ian Lawson
2nd Dendrobium kingianum var Dragonette x Linda Ian Lawson
29.    Hybrid Seedling 1st
30.    Novelty Orchid with Australian Parentage 1st Cymbidium Pee Wee ‘ Royale’ Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa
2nd Sartylis Jannine Banks Sandra Crosby / Tony Costa