Congratulations to all our winners


Champions Plant Grower/s
Grand Champion Plectorrhiza beckleri Michael Harrison
Reserve Grand Champion Dendrobium tetragonum Michael Harrison
Sarcanthanae Species Plectorrhiza beckleri Michael Harrison
Sarcanthanae Hybrid Sarcochilus Melba ‘NR’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
Sarcanthanae Seedling Sarcochilus hartmannii Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
Other Orchid Dendrobium tetragonum Michael Harrison
Specimen Orchid SarcochilusRoyale Red Wendy Estall

Sectional winners

Class Plant Grower/s
Epiphyte Species
1 Sarcochilus hartmannii 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii ‘Red Centre’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Sarcochilus hartmannii ‘Fourex’ Noel Bates
2 Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii 1st Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii ‘Lorraine x sibling’ Ian Lawson
3 Sarcochilus ‘Classic Shape’ 1st Sarcochilus falcatus Michael Harrison
2nd Sarcochilus falcatus Michael Harrison
4 Sarcochilus‘Irregular Shape’ 1st Sarcochilus spatulatus Michael Harrison
2nd Sarcochilus olivaceus Ross Morrison
5 Sarcanthinae species 1st Plectorrhiza beckleri Michael Harrison
6 Sarcanthinae hybrid
7 Sarcanthinae seedling
8 Sarcochilus Species seedling 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
9 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Heritage 1st Sarcochilus Melba ‘NR’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Sarcochilus Billy x (Norm’s #2 x Lyn Wiz) Noel Bates
10 Sarcochilus Hybrid – White 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii x Snowheart Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Sarcochilus Heidi ‘New Multi x Kulnura Glimmer Ian Lawson
11 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Yellow 1st Sarcochilus Madge ‘Two’ x Kulnura Sanctuary ‘Pale Pink’ Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Galaxy ‘Cream2011’ x Palma ‘Topaz’ Noel Bates
12 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink 1st Sarcochilus Kulnura ‘Absolute’ Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Bunyip ‘Super Free’ Norm Biffin
13 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Red 1st Sarcochilus Duno Nicky’s Twin x Kulnura Vibrance Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Ignia Ian Lawson
14 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink/Red Based 1st Sarcochilus Bunyip x Heidi Noel Bates
2nd Sarcochilus  Zoe x (Heidi x Karen Ann ‘Pinwit’) Noel Bates
15 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Whites / Ivory Based 1st Sarcochilus Heidi x Magic Noel Bates
2nd Sarcochilus Erin Ian Lawson
16 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink/Red Centre 1st Sarcochilus Norma ‘Kalara’ Noel Bates
2nd Sarcochilus Heidi Nip x Cherie Snow Noel Bates
17 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Yellow Centre 1st Sarcochilus Amber x (Sweetheart x Zoe) Carol & Tony Asquith
2nd Sarcochilus Coolendell x Cliona Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
18 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Other Colour 1st Sarcochilus Pixie Pearls ‘Prolific’ Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Orkology Jade Ross Morrison
19 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Red Seedling 1st Sarcochilus Heidi x Magic Noel Bates
2nd Sarcochilus Tineka Ann x (Peter Jackson x Bessie) Ian Lawson
20 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Pink/White Seedling 1st Sarcochilus George Colthup x Peter Jackson Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Sweetheart x Duno Nicky’s Twin Noel Bates
1 Sarcochilus Hybrid – Other Colour Seedling 1st Sarcochilus Kunama ‘Eureka’ x Duno Nicky’s Twin Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Unknown Ian Lawson
2 Dendrobium species 1st Dendrobium tetragonum Michael Harrison
2nd Dendrobium lichenastrum Ross Morrison
3 Dendrobium hybrid 1st Dendrobium Australian Goldrush Michael Harrison
2nd Dendrobium Elegant Heart Michael Harrison
4 Dockrillia species 1st Dockrillia nugentii Michael Harrison
2nd Dockrillia calamiformis Michael Harrison
5 Dockrillia hybrid 1st Dockrillia Australian Ginger Michael Harrison
6 Australian species other 1st Bulbophyllum bracteatum Michael Harrison
2nd Bulbophyllum bowkettiae Michael Harrison
7a ustralian hybrid other
8 Evergreen Terrestrial
9 Other Terrestrial 1st Caladenia latifolia x Spider Margaret / Wally Southwell
2nd Microtisunifolia Ross Morrison
10 Australasian species 1st Dendrobium spectabile ‘Dwarf Form’ Justin Lee
2nd Phaius flavus Ross Morrison
11 Australasian hybrid 1st Dendrobium Yellow Stars ‘Profusion’ Justin Lee
2nd Dendrobium finisterre x polysema Mary-Anne Warner
12 Junior
13 Novelity Orchid with Australian Parentage

Entry Statistics: 10 Exhibitors – 191 orchids – 26/33 Sections

Entries : Section – 1:17, 2:1, 3:7, 4:2, 5:1, 6:0, 7:0, 8:1, 9:4, 10:6, 11:16, 12:17, 13:31, 14:10, 15:5, 16:14, 17:5, 18:3, 19:6, 20:10, 21:2, 22:8, 23:4, 24:8, 25:1, 26:2,27:0, 28:0, 29:6, 30:2, 31:2, 32:0, 33:0

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