Congratulations to all our winners


Champions Plant Grower/s
Native Epiphyte Orchid – Species Dockrillia mortii Justin Lee
Native Epiphyte Orchid – Hybrid Dendrobium Esme Poulton Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
Australasian Orchid Dockrillia convoluta Kyle Hall
First Flowering Seedling Dendrobium Sydney ‘Lloyd Peryman’ x (Jonathan’s Gory x kingianum) Ian Lawson
Specimen Orchid Dockrillia dolichophylla Michael Harrison
Terrestrial Orchid Pterostylis gibbosa Ross Morrison
Dendrobium speciosum (Aub Bruniges Trophy) Dendrobium speciosum Memoria ‘Helen Jean’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
Reserve Grand Champion Dockrillia dolichophylla Michael Harrison
Grand Champion Dockrillia mortii Justin Lee

Sectional Winners

Class Plant Grower/s
1 Dendrobium speciosum 1st Dendrobium speciosum Memoria ‘Helen Jean’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Dendrobium speciosum Lanwind x Larmoon ‘ Meadowlea’ Robert Moon
2 Dendrobium kingianum 1st Dendrobium kingianum Electric Flobauy x Self Carol & Tony Asquith
2nd Dendrobium kingianum Albert West Chris and Kathy Munson
3 Dendrobium falcorostrum 1st Dendrobium falcorostrum Michael Harrison
2nd Dendrobium falcorostrum Ian Lawson
4 Dendrobium gracilicaule 1st Dendrobium gracilicaule Justin Lee
2nd Dendrobium gracilicaule Greg Steenbeeke
5 Dendrobium tetragonum 1st Dendrobium tetragonum var giganteum Kyle Hall
2nd Dendrobium tetragonum var tetragonum Ross Morrison
6 Dendrobium Species other (not rhizobium) 1st Dendrobium aemulum var radiata Justin Lee
2nd Dendrobium aemulum Michael Harrison
7 Dendrobium Rhizobium Species 1st Dockrillia mortii Justin Lee
2nd Dockrillia dolichophylla Michael Harrison
8 Sarcochilus Species 1st Sarcochilus spathulatus Michael Harrison
2nd Sarcochilus falcatus Justin Lee
9 Sarcanthinae Species 1st Plectorrhiza tridentata Ross Morrison
2nd Plectorrhiza tridentata Ross Morrison
10 Bulbophyllum Species 1st Bulbophyllum gadgarrense Michael Harrison
2nd Bulbophyllum shepherdii Ross Morrison
11 Other Australian Species
Epiphytic Hybrids
12 Dendrocoryne Primary Hybrids 1st Dendrobium Esme Poulton Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Dendrobium Bardo Rose Margaret & Wally Southwell
13 Dendrocoryne Hybrids – Reds / Pinks 1st Dendrobium Jonathan’s Glory x speciosum Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Dendrobium Duno Derose ‘Janine’ x Aussie Springtime Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
14 Dendrocoyne Hybrids – Yellows / Oranges 1st Dendrobium Yondi Tina ‘Goliath’ Michael Harrison
2nd Dendrobium Hank van der Berg Michael Harrison
15 Dendrocoryne Hybrids – Whites / Creams 1st Dendrobium speciosum x Andrew Persson Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Dendrobium speciosum Moon x Andrew Persson Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
16 Dendrocoyne Hybrids – Intersectional 1st Dendrobium Brinawa Sunset Michael Harrison
2nd Dendrobium Elegant Heart Carol & Tony Asquith
17 Rhizobium Hybrids 1st Dockrillia fuliginosa x strolatum Margaret & Wally Southwell
2nd Dockrillia Tweetas Michael Harrison
18 Sarcochilus Hybrid 1st Sarcochilus spathulatus x falcatus Wendy Estall
2nd Sarcochilus Confetti Ross Morrison
19 Sarcanthinae Hybrid 1st Plectochilus Kilgra ‘Purple’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
2nd Plectochilus Kilgra ‘Green’ Robert Moon
strial Orchids
20 Caladenia Species Caladenia carnea Ross Morrison
Caladenia carnea Ross Morrison
21 Pterostylis Species 1st Pterostylis gibbosa Ross Morrison
2nd Pterostylis pedunulata Margaret & Wally Southwell
22 Diuris Species 1st Diuris maculata Margaret & Wally Southwell
2nd Diuris sulphurea Ross Morrison
23 Evergreen Species
24 Terrestrial Species Other 1st Chiloglottis truncata Ross Morrison
2nd Thelymitra ixiodes Ross Morrison
25 Terrestrial Hybrid 1st Pterostylis baptistii x falcata Margaret & Wally Southwell
26 2nd Diuris Earwig Margaret & Wally Southwell
her Orchid Sections
27 Australasian Species 1st Dockrillia convoluta Kyle Hall
28 Australasian Hybrid
29 Species Seedling 1st Dendrobium speciosum ‘Yondi’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
30 2nd Dendrobium speciosum ‘Unknown’ Ian Lawson
31 Hybrid Seedling 1st Dendrobium Sydney ‘Lloyd Peryman’ x (Jonathan’s Gory x kingianum) Ian Lawson
2nd Dendrobium Lawrose ‘Electric Musk’ x falcorastrum ‘Anembo’ Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby
32 Novelity Orchid with Australian Parentage 1st Cymbidium Peewee Robert Moon
2nd Cymbidium Peewee Tony Costa / Sandra Crosby

Entry Statistics: 7 Exhibitors – 98 orchids – 26/33 Sections

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