Many members wonder why their plant, which has a lovely flower on it does not win a prize in its class.

Often it is because the plant has not been prepared by its owner.

?? all dead leaves should be removed, as well as weeds.
?? plants should be cleaned so that there are no signs of scale or insects.
?? any dying or dead flowers should be removed.
?? plants should be staked so they are firm in the pot, not left to ramble everywhere.
?? flowers should be staked to show them off to their best advantage without being obtrusive.
?? staking correctly means that they should not tied to the stake above the ovary on single flowering
orchids, and not tied above the bottom flower on multi flowering orchids. If your orchid is one
that branches you may tie up to, but below the last branch.
?? clean your pots, they do not have to be immaculate but dirty pots do not improve presentation.
Presentation of your plants goes a long way in showing off your plants to their best advantage –
making people admire them.