Class  Place Name Grower
Dendrobium species 1 Dendrobium toressae Kyle Hall
2 Dendrobium toressae Mike Harrison
Dendrobium hybrid 1 Dendrobium Red Ballerina ‘Macquarie’ C & T.  Asquith
2 Dendrobium Awesome Mike Harrison
Sarcanthinae species 1 Sarcochilus eriochilus Ross Morrison
Rhizobium species 1 Dockrillia brevicauda Wally Southwell
Australian species other 1 Cestichis coelogynoides Mike Harrison
2 Cestichis reflexa Ross Morrison
Terrestrial Evergreen 1 Spiranthes australis Ross Morrison
2 Spiranthes australis Ross Morrison
Terrestrial Species Other 1 Chiloglottis diphylla Justin  Lee
2 Chiloglottis diphylla Justin  Lee
Australasian hybrid 1 Dendrobium Andre Millar Justin Lee
2 Dendrobium Phil’s Candy Justin Lee
Seedling 1 Sarcochilus dilatalus Ross Morrison
Growing Competition 1 Ross Morrison
2 C &  T Asquith

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