Current Issue April, 2020 A History of Orchid Propagation (Part 2) by Jim Brydie
Australian Native Orchids in Winter by Jim Doney
March, 2020 Growing Orchids in Your Home and Garden
by American Orchid Society
February, 2020 Growing Australian Orchids on Bribie Island
by S Knight
Watering by Dr. Fred
January, 2020 How to Water Orchids courtesy Five Dock Orchid Society’ newsletter
Growing Epiphytic Orchids in South Australia



Current Issue November, 2019 Osmocote down under by Clive Halls
September, 2019 Results for September Benching and Annual Spring Show
  August, 2019 Cultivating the Genus Pterostylis by Rex Johnson
The Influence of Dendrobium tetragonum in Australian Native Dendrobium Hybridising by Issy Klein
How I Grow Australian Dendrobiums (and Dockrillias) by Brian Milligan
  July, 2019 The Australian Species Cymbidiums by Frances and Julian Coker
Native Terrestrial Orchids – Give them a Go ! by Frankie Fraser
  June, 2019 Common Orchid Pests: Symptoms, Descriptions, Conditions and Treatment. by John Krens
Travels and Adventures of an Orchid Hunter by Albert Millican with comments by Brian Milligan
Dendrobium tapiniense and Other Dendrobiums of Section Latouria by Paul Carver
  May, 2019 Cool Growing Australian Native Orchids in the Toowoomba Area
April, 2019 Bending with the Winds of Change by David Butler
March, 2019 Keeping the Judges Honest by Brian Milligan and Australian Native Orchids in Winter by Jim Doney
  February, 2019   A Bit About: Dendrobium monophyllum By Gerry Walsh ‘The Rock Lily Man’
The Australian Species Cymbidiums by Frances and Julian Coker
  January, 2019   The Wardian Case by Brian Milligan and
Native Terrestrial Orchids – Give Them a Go! by Frankie Fraser
George Knight, an early Victorian Orchid Grower by Greg Campbell, Gerald McCraith AM and Brian Milligan


  November, 2018   How Our Hobby Grew by Brian Milligan &
Growing Orchids on Mounts by Brian Milligan
  October, 2018   Growing Sarcochilus Orchids in the Melbourne Area by Ted Elgood
  September, 2018   Buying Sarcochilus and
Where did the colour go? written by Neville Roper
  August, 2018   Slow Release – Fast Relief? written by ‘Friendii’
Licence to sell Australian Native Orchids
  July, 2018   A Discussion on Media for Epiphytic Orchids (updated version 2017) by Jim Brydie
  June, 2018   Growing Native Orchids on Bribie Island
Cymbidium Madidum
  May, 2018   Sarcochilus Growing Hints since moving to the Shoalhaven
The Mystery of Sarcochilus hirticalcar
  April, 2018   Growing Orchids in Your Home
Australian Native Orchids
  March, 2018   Australian Terrestrial Orchids
  February, 2018   How to handle Dormant Tubers – Richard Thomson


  November, 2017   How to handle Dormant Tubers and
Ten Commandments for an Orchid Grower by Ernest Hetherington
  October, 2017   Maintaining Your Collection (2017 Update)
By Bill Dobson, and
The Orchid Doctor, Orchid ailments
  August, 2017   The Art of Maintaining Root Systems
  July, 2017   Discussion on Media for Epiphytic Orchids – by Jim Brydie &
Aspirin and Growing Orchids – By Dot Henley
  June, 2017   Be Water Wise By Colin Hamilton &
Cymbidium Canaliculatum Orchids By Vic Horton
  April, 2017   Australian Native Terrestrial Orchids
  March, 2017   Australian Native Terrestrial Orchids
  February, 2017   Water Orchids & Virus Control


  October, 2016   Spring Show Results
  September, 2016   Australian Native Orchids & Be Water Wise
  August, 2016   The History of Orchids by David Harmer
More on Terrestrial Culture by Alan Stephenson
  July, 2016   Out and About by Mark Daniels
Australian Native Orchid Cultivation from Native Orchid Society of Toowoomba
  June, 2016   The Art of Maintaining Root Systems by John Woolf (Toowoomba)
  April, 2016   Water first or fertiliser first? part 3
The Secret of Fluffing Up Sphagnum Moss by Jim Bridie
  March, 2016   Water first or fertiliser first? part 1
  February, 2016   Water first or fertiliser first? &
Nutritional Support for Terrestrial Orchids
  January, 2016   Housing Terrestrial Orchids &
Nutritional Support for Terrestrial Orchids


  December, 2015   The Mystery of Sarcochilus hirticalcar
  November, 2015   A Day Amongst the Orchids, with Nita Wheeler, in Yass
  October, 2015    
  September, 2015   The Five (or So) Best Sarcochilus Crosses by Neville Roper
  August, 2015   Bob Bishop guest speaker – Kiwi orchid bark
  July, 2015   2014 Speciosum Competition Results By John Zietsch
Entry Form for 2016 Competition
Growing Orchids on Mounts by Stephen Stebbing
  June, 2015   Australian Native Epiphytic orchids
Australian Native Terrestrial orchids
  April, 2015   Orchid Pollination by Graham Corbin
  March, 2015   The Art of Maintaining Root Systems
  February, 2015   How to Care For Dendrobium Orchids
Bribie Island Orchid Society
  January, 2015   Successfully growing Australasian Terrestrial Orchids
By Neil Anderton


  December, 2014   Australian Native Epiphytic Orchids
  November, 2014   Back Cutting Orchids and Be Water Wise By Colin Hamilton.
  October, 2014   Nita and Jim Wheeler – Growing Terrestrials
  September, 2014   Australian Native Terrestrials
Managing Magnesium In Foliage
  July, 2014   Phaius tankervilleae by Jim Brydie
  June, 2014   Expand Your Orchid Growing Space … by Susan Taylor
Australian Native Orchid Culture
  May, 2014   Sarcochilus dilatatus – by Gerry Walsh (The Rock Lily Man)
Papillilabium beckleri &
Dendrobium Speciosum Var. Speciosum ‘National White’ HCC/AOC-NSW
  April, 2014   Australian Native Terrestrial Orchids
  March, 2014   Back to your roots
Deborah Dillon-Townes
  February, 2014   One Hundred and One reasons for growing Terrestrials
The Victorian (Backyard) Experience By Helen Richards AM


  December, 2013   Miriam Ann Orchids Newsletter, Christmas, 2013
  November, 2013   Summer Survival, Notes on eBay
Micronutrients in Fertilizers
Written and presented by Helen Richards
  September, 2013   Fertiliser Requirements of Orchids
Fertilizing Orchids – Is It Necessary?
Results of the 2013 Annual Spring Show
  August, 2013   How to Grow Dendrobium speciosum the Ted Walmsley Way
Wally’s Speciosums in the garden
  July, 2013   What Fertiliser should I use?
What Pots should be used?
  June, 2013   ANOS Inc Council Memoradum Advice, Regarding DENDROBIUM (SECTION RHIZOBIUM) for all ANOS Groups and Judging Registrars
  May, 2013   How to Water Orchids
Extend Your Orchid’s Flowering Period by Months
  April, 2013   Terrestrial Culture … Les Nesbitt
Sarcochilus ceciliae
  March, 2013   When Red becomes Yellow … Neville Roper
What Else Do I Grow With Our Orchids?
  February, 2013   Culture Notes – Terrestrials … Les Nesbitt
The Shadecloth Conundrum …Richard Austin
  January, 2013   Fertilizer and Light: How do you tell if you’re giving too much?
Australian Native Cymbidiums – Cultural Tips


Archive Issues December, 2012   Growing Notes for Cymbidium canaliculatum by Jim Bridie
and by the Webeck Method
  November, 2012   A Series of Events … Alan Stephenson
  October, 2012   Oenpelli Python … Alan Stephenson
  September, 2012   Just pondering about things … Alan Stephenson
  August, 2012   Seasoning the Soil Bulbophyllum Culture
  June, 2012   Terristrial Orchid Conservation
  April, 2012   Terristrial Orchid Conservation
  February, 2012   Terristrial Orchid Conservation


Archive Issues December, 2011   Bulbophyllum Culture
  April, 2011   Terristrial Orchid Conservation
  February, 2011   Terristrial Orchid Conservation